One Of The 51 Former Intelligence Agents That Covered For Biden Finally Cracks

Photo via YouTube Screenshot Showing Hunter with access To Biden's Corvette/ Top Secret Documents

The recent admission by former Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Douglas Wise, that he knew a “significant portion” of the files from the Hunter Biden laptop “had to be real”, has revealed the truth behind the letter published by 51 former intelligence agency officials last summer.

This letter, which was widely cited by the media to discredit the laptop’s content before the 2020 election, included a brief disclaimer that the officials did not know definitively whether the emails on the laptop were genuine. However, the letter was still used to cast doubt upon the laptop’s content, and even then-candidate Joe Biden cited it as proof that the laptop was Russian disinformation.

This attempt to deceive the public has now been exposed as the laptop’s contents have been confirmed to be genuine by several media outlets, including the New York Times. Yet, despite this deception, Douglas Wise has no regrets. He claims that his actions were justified as the laptop’s contents could have been planted by Russians or “ill-intended conservative elements”.

This admission of guilt and lack of remorse by a former intelligence agency official is an outrage and must be addressed. The truth is that the Democrats and the Biden campaign used this letter to mislead the public and discredit the Hunter Biden laptop before the election.

This is especially concerning as the letter explicitly cited the collective experience of the former intelligence agency officials as justification to discredit the laptop’s contents. It is clear now that the signatories knew that the laptop’s contents could not definitively be proven as Russian disinformation and yet still chose to sign the letter.

It is time for the House Republicans to take action and demand answers from the 51 former intelligence agency officials for their role in attempting to deceive the public. The signatories should be held accountable for their actions and the truth about the laptop must be revealed.

Americans deserve to know the truth and the Democrats cannot be allowed to get away with using deceptive tactics to influence the election in their favor. It is time for the House Republicans to take a stand and demand answers from the 51 former intelligence agency officials who signed the letter.

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