Chip Roy, Ted Cruz Introduce Legislation to Prevent Illegal Immigrants from Voting in DC

As a nation founded upon principles of liberty, it’s our duty to ensure that the precious right to vote is bestowed only upon American citizens. Unfortunately, the radical left has other ideas.

This week, Texas Rep. Chip Roy and Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants and noncitizens from voting in the nation’s capital. The bill would also prohibit the use of federal funds for any local election that allows noncitizens to vote. It’s a necessary step towards protecting our nation’s democracy and upholding the rule of law.

The Washington, D.C., City Council recently passed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants and legal non-citizens to cast a ballot in local elections. This is a dangerous precedent that threatens to undermine the integrity of our voting system and cheapen the value of American citizenship.

We can’t let Democrats get away with this kind of irresponsible behavior. If we let non-citizens vote, it will open the door to foreign interference in our elections and further erode our nation’s values. We can’t let that happen.

We must stand up for the rule of law and for the rights of American citizens. It’s our responsibility to ensure that only those who have earned the privilege of citizenship are allowed to cast a ballot.

Rep. Chip Roy and Sen. Ted Cruz are doing their part to protect the integrity of our elections. We must do our part to support them and ensure that their bill passes. We must also make sure that all of our elected officials are held to the highest standard and are prevented from cheapening the value of American citizenship.

“Allowing non-citizens, including aliens occupying our nation illegally, to exercise a right reserved for American citizens not only violates the constitutional principles our nation was founded upon, but also naively invites foreign meddling in our elections,” Cruz told the Caller before introducing the legislation.

“Voting is a privilege and the tool by which American citizens exercise their say in who leads our country, how we spend our tax dollars, and what policies should be instituted. I am vehemently against unconstitutionally cheapening the votes of American citizens and ignoring the rule of law in this nation,” Cruz added.

“American citizenship means something, and it comes with certain duties and privileges, including the ability to make decisions for the future of our Republic. This citizenship, our experiment in self-government, and the liberty for which this Republic stands were not purchased cheaply and they should not be treated cheaply,” Roy told the Caller before introducing the legislation.

“Our nation’s capital deserves better than the radical left’s failed governance, and it is past time for Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over DC. That’s why I’m proud to work with my longtime friend Senator Cruz to restore common sense to its elections,” Roy added.

The right to vote is a privilege that comes with responsibilities and duties. We must never forget that, and we must do whatever it takes to protect it. We must fight to ensure that only American citizens are allowed to cast a ballot. We owe it to ourselves and to our nation to make sure that our elections are fair and secure.

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