ANTIFA’s ‘Night Of Rage’ Riot Left Businesses Destroyed, Police Car Scorched, ‘Peaceful’

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I don’t know why the media is ‘shocked’ at the violent riot seen in Atlanta, Georgia. ANTIFA vowed that there would be violence and of course, there was. Mayhem is sort of their thing.  The group has somehow managed to avoid being put on the domestic terrorist list—Let’s not forget the many politicians who have proudly claimed to be part of this violent organization.

Georgia quickly erupted into violence and chaos, with protesters setting a police vehicle on fire and smashing windows, prompting the Mayor to issue a statement warning against further violence. The protests were held in response to the shooting death of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was killed by police after allegedly refusing demands from authorities and firing a gun at state troopers.

While the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department have promised to protect the right to peaceful protest, they have made it clear that any further violence or property destruction will not be tolerated. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also spoke out against the riots, stating that violence of any kind will not be tolerated. Seven people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism in connection to the protests.

The riots have been linked to the radical left-wing group ANTIFA, who called for a “Night of Rage” on their Twitter account. The group claimed that their goal was to enact “reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies” in response to the death of their “comrade.”

The nets are calling the protest ‘peaceful’ while stating that the police were the only ones engaging in physical contact. Watch this and tell me if this is what ‘peaceful’ looks like to you.


The violence and destruction that has taken place in Atlanta is unacceptable and should be condemned. We must remember that peaceful protests are a cornerstone of democracy, but any form of violence or destruction of property is unacceptable. We should also recognize that ANTIFA’s rhetoric and tactics are dangerous and must be addressed.

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