Fill That Seat! Judge Barrett Tests Negative for CV-19: Senator Graham, ‘Full Steam Ahead’

Judge Barrett Tests Negative for CV-19: ‘Full Steam Ahead’

What is one of the variables between average performing Americans and those that make an impact on our culture? Good old American persistence. 

Yes, President Trump and the First Lady have been infected with CV-19, but so have millions of others worldwide. In the US, for those without pre-existing conditions, the mortality rate is VERY low.

President TRUMP is marching on to MAGA. Staying on task, persistence, the first thing he asks Senator Lindsey Graham today, how are the SCOTUS confirmation hearings looking?

Through the “virus”, in the middle of a bogus witch hunt, or through a shame impeachment, President Trump simply marches on, driving the LEFT nuts.

President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has tested negative for the coronavirus.

Barrett has not seen President Donald Trump since Saturday, during the nomination announcement but has been visiting Senators on Capitol Hill.

Both the president and First Lady Melania Trump confirmed early Friday morning they were tested positive from the virus.

The White House said Barrett, who was diagnosed with coronavirus this summer but has since recovered, is continuing her best practices to keep down the spread of the virus. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke to President Trump this morning and said he sounded “good” and “upbeat” according to NBC News reporter Julie Tsirkin.

A spokesperson for Graham also noted the Senate proceedings to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court would continue.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other GOP Senators are confident Judge Barrett will be on the SCOTUS, before election day

March on President Trump, Senators Graham & Cruz, and thank you for subjecting yourself to the hatred for simply wanting to serve our country, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

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