Stacey Abrams: Under age child sex traffickers in her own family!

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Jimmie Gardner, the so-called “motivational speaker” and brother-in-law of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, had the audacity to show up virtually in a Hillsborough County courtroom after being ARRESTED for alleged human trafficking. This is a slap in the face to justice and decency!

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Despite the gravity of the charges, a judge had the nerve to set Gardner’s bond at a mere $500,000, as if that’s enough to hold someone accountable for potentially ruining a young girl’s life.

Even with his attorney, Jeff Brown, present, arguing that Gardner is not a “threat to the community,” the court seems to be turning a blind eye to the potential danger he poses.

Are we supposed to overlook the fact that this individual, with a tarnished history, made contact with a 16-year-old girl and, under the guise of a motivational speaker, lured her to his hotel room?

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Disgustingly, he offered her money for sex, and when she had the audacity to change her mind, he erupted in anger and physically assaulted her!

This is a demand for accountability! Why is this man, with a dark past including a wrongful conviction for sexual assault, allowed to roam freely?

It is an affront to justice that he is walking around as if his so-called advocacy for criminal justice reform gives him a free pass to exploit and harm others.

The community deserves answers, and it’s time for authorities to stop tiptoeing around the issue.

Gardner must be held accountable for his actions, and the justice system must prove that it will not tolerate such reprehensible behavior, regardless of one’s past.

This is a call for justice, a call for accountability, and a call for society to stand up against those who abuse their positions and prey on the vulnerable.