Satanic Golden Medusa Abortion Statue Outside New York City Courthouse

Recently, a statue of a golden medusa with an abortion theme was placed outside of a courthouse in New York City. The statue, which depicts the mythological creature Medusa holding an aborted fetus, has caused controversy and sparked debate among residents and city officials.

The statue, created by artist Chris Funkhouser, is intended to make a statement about the ongoing debate surrounding reproductive rights in the United States. According to Funkhouser, the statue represents the power of women to make their own choices about their bodies and their reproductive health.

However, not everyone sees the statue in the same light. Some have criticized the statue for its graphic nature and have called for its removal from its location outside the courthouse. They argue that the statue is offensive and disrespectful to those who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy and that it is not appropriate for display in a public space.

Others have defended the statue, stating that it is a powerful piece of art that highlights the importance of reproductive rights and the ongoing struggle for women’s autonomy over their bodies. They argue that it is important for art to challenge us and provoke thought and conversation, and that the statue should be allowed to remain in its current location.

The statue has also been linked to Satanism and has created a lot of discussions on social media regarding the same. Some people believe that the statue represents the dark side of abortion and that it is promoting an evil agenda.

Overall, the Satanic golden medusa abortion statue has sparked a heated debate in New York City and has brought attention to the ongoing issue of reproductive rights in the United States. While opinions on the statue may be divided, it is clear that it has sparked important conversations and has highlighted the need for continued dialogue and activism in the fight for reproductive freedom.


Dominick Izzo

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