Joe Biden’s Evil: What isn’t he willing to do to win?

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In a move that reeks of political maneuvering and desperation, President Joe Biden has sacrificed his own son, Hunter Biden, through a calculated conviction designed to shield himself from public criticism and potential criminal prosecution as the 2024 election looms on the horizon. This latest development is not just a legal proceeding but a masterful chess move by a career politician who has spent decades entrenching himself in the highest echelons of power, willing to go to any lengths to maintain his position.

Hunter Biden, plagued by scandals and accusations ranging from drug abuse to dubious international business dealings, has been a ticking time bomb for the Biden administration. The recent conviction of Hunter Biden is being paraded by the liberal media as evidence of the DOJ’s impartiality, but the timing and circumstances suggest something far more sinister. This is not about justice; it’s about protecting Joe Biden and his political dynasty.

Joe Biden’s career is a testament to the cutthroat nature of political survival. For nearly five decades, Biden has navigated the treacherous waters of American politics, emerging relatively unscathed while many of his contemporaries fell by the wayside. His ascent to the presidency is the culmination of a lifetime spent accumulating power and influence. But this latest chapter, involving the sacrifice of his son, highlights the depths to which he is willing to sink to safeguard his legacy.

The conviction of Hunter Biden is a strategic diversion, a sleight of hand intended to draw attention away from Joe Biden’s own questionable activities. As the walls close in on Donald Trump with relentless DOJ investigations, the Biden administration needed a counter-narrative, a sacrificial lamb to present the illusion of impartial justice. By allowing Hunter to face the consequences, however minimal they may ultimately be, Biden aims to deflect allegations that his administration is manipulating the justice system to target political adversaries.

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But the rabbit hole goes deeper. The contents of Ashley Biden’s diary, which have recently come to light, paint a disturbing picture of the Biden family’s inner workings. The diary includes entries that allege inappropriate behavior and highlight a family steeped in dysfunction and secrecy. These revelations add another layer of intrigue to the already murky narrative surrounding Joe Biden and his willingness to protect his image at all costs.

Furthermore, there are dark whispers and unconfirmed theories surrounding the death of Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and their daughter Naomi in a tragic car accident in 1972. While officially ruled an accident, some conspiracy theorists suggest that the incident was more than just a tragic loss. They posit that Biden, a man seemingly willing to go to any lengths for power, may have had ulterior motives, setting the stage for his future with Jill Biden. Jill, who was previously married, began her relationship with Joe Biden in the years following the accident, leading some to speculate about the true nature of their union.

This narrative, while shocking and sensational, is emblematic of the lengths to which some believe Joe Biden will go to preserve his power. The sacrifice of Hunter Biden, in this context, is merely the latest in a series of calculated moves designed to protect the Biden legacy. It is a chilling reminder of the ruthless calculus that underpins political survival at the highest levels.

As the 2024 election approaches, Joe Biden’s strategy becomes increasingly transparent. By offering up Hunter, he seeks to neutralize one of the most significant liabilities facing his administration. This conviction serves as a smokescreen, diverting public attention away from his own potential legal troubles and ethical lapses. The mainstream media, complicit in this charade, will no doubt hail the conviction as a testament to Biden’s commitment to justice, ignoring the broader implications of this cynical ploy.

The American people deserve better than this charade. We deserve transparency, accountability, and a justice system that operates without fear or favor. The conviction of Hunter Biden is not a victory for justice but a calculated sacrifice designed to protect a president desperate to maintain his grip on power. It is a testament to the lengths to which Joe Biden will go to safeguard his legacy, even if it means sacrificing his own flesh and blood.

In conclusion, the conviction of Hunter Biden is a masterstroke of political deception, a move calculated to protect Joe Biden from the scrutiny and potential prosecution that threaten his presidency. This latest development is a stark reminder of the ruthless nature of political survival and the dark lengths to which those in power will go to maintain their position. As the 2024 election draws near, we must remain vigilant and question the narratives presented to us, for the truth often lies beneath the surface, hidden by layers of calculated deceit and manipulation.