Did you ever think Cardi B would actually say this!?

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Oh, how the mighty political endorsements have fallen! Cardi B, the self-proclaimed political pundit extraordinaire, seems to have had a change of heart.

After passionately waving the Biden flag in 2020, she’s now on a one-woman mission to single-handedly take down the entire political establishment.

Cardi B goes off!  WATCH:

In a riveting Instagram rant, Cardi unleashed her disillusionment with Biden’s budget priorities and war funding, seemingly shocked that politicians might not have the nation’s best interests at heart. Oh, the naivety of thinking politicians actually follow through on their promises!

Gone are the days of Cardi passionately declaring, “I just want Trump out.” Now, she’s in full-on eye-rolling mode, decrying budget cuts with the theatrical flair of a Shakespearean tragedy. The Bronx-bred MC is not just upset; she’s “an angry b–ch” who’s had enough of politicians and their empty promises.

Watch out, world! Cardi B is not here for the political games anymore. She’s trading in her political commentator hat for a fluffy grey robe and a purple hair bonnet, ready to drop some truth bombs about budget cuts and the impending rat apocalypse. Because nothing says political expertise like a rant in loungewear.

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In the grand finale of her epic monologue, Cardi warns of impending doom, with crime rates soaring, kids left without places to read, and the streets overrun by rats, squirrels, and raccoons. But fear not, dear followers, for amidst the chaos, Cardi assures us that her album is almost finished. Who needs a stable political landscape when you’ve got new music to look forward to, right? Priorities, people, priorities.