Biden to Trump: “Make my day, Pal.” Debates are Pending

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Oh, look at Biden, trying to act all tough! He’s finally willing to face off against the real President, Donald J. Trump, in at least two debates before the election, starting as early as June. But, surprise surprise, he’s ditching the nonpartisan organization that has managed presidential debates since 1988.

Biden’s campaign just dropped a letter revealing his “terms” for these debates, which Trump has been eagerly anticipating. Trump’s been painting Biden as too weak for the job, and now Biden’s trying to play along. In typical fashion, Biden wants to set a bunch of conditions. Trump, ever the champ, quickly agreed to the two dates Biden’s team proposed, though who knows if he’ll go along with all of Biden’s demands.

Biden and his aides are pushing for these debates to happen way sooner than the dates suggested by the Commission on Presidential Debates. They want voters to see the two candidates up close before early voting kicks off in September. Biden wants debates in a controlled TV studio, with microphones that cut off after a speaker’s time is up. Sounds like he’s afraid of Trump’s energy and can’t handle a live audience. He also wants to exclude any third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., probably because he can’t handle more competition.

This move reeks of desperation from Biden. He’s trailing in most battleground state polls and struggling to prove he’s an effective leader. It’s clear he thinks these debates might help him, but let’s be real – it’s just another way to avoid facing the reality of his poor performance.



The Biden camp’s letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates makes it clear: they’re not interested in the traditional three debates scheduled for September and October. Biden, always the “institutionalist,” is now throwing tradition out the window. Instead, they want debates hosted by news organizations. Classic Biden – trying to rig the rules in his favor.

In a video announcement, Biden even tried to taunt Trump. “Make my day, pal,” he said, referencing the one weekday Trump’s Manhattan trial isn’t in session. Cute, Joe. Real cute.

Trump’s response? Pure gold. He called for more than two debates, insisting on a large venue for maximum excitement. He rightfully mocked Biden as “the WORST” debater and accused him of being “afraid of crowds.” Spot on, Mr. President.

Biden’s team is pushing for the first debate in late June, after Trump’s New York trial and Biden’s return from the G7 summit. They want a second debate in early September, early enough to influence early voting but not too late to interrupt the campaign trail. They’re also proposing a vice-presidential debate in late July, after the Republican National Convention.

Biden’s strategy here is all about trying to get an early edge. He knows early voting is critical, especially for Democrats. But let’s face it – he’s trailing in the polls, and his economic messages aren’t hitting home.

Back in 2020, Democrats pushed hard for mail-in voting, giving Biden a big boost over Trump, who encouraged his supporters to vote in person. This time, Trump and the RNC are smarter, urging Republicans to vote early.

Biden’s camp is whining about the commission’s outdated approach, claiming it doesn’t cater to early voters. But the truth is, Biden is trailing in battleground states, and more voters trust Trump to handle the economy.

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The Biden campaign is desperately trying to remind voters why they kicked Trump out in 2020. They’re worried about “Trump amnesia” – that people are starting to miss the real President and forgetting Biden’s failures. A side-by-side debate might just be the spectacle Biden needs to give Trump more of the spotlight he deserves.