Government Corruption

Biden Spox Hammered During Crazy Presser Designed To Cover Up Crime Of The Century

Two items were brought by Karine Jean-Pierre to the White House Press Briefing this week, but only one was welcomed. She brought treats for Dr. Fauci and members of the press. The doctor would be making his final appearance at the podium for a White House briefing.

Fauci’s involvement in the development of the Chinese Virus in the Wuhan laboratory has been sluffed off and questions swept under the rug for nearly 3 years now. If US funds were channeled to the lab and it was determined to be the source of the COVID virus, this would be the crime of the century.

KJP: “Dr. Fauci has been a source of information and facts, but Dr. Fauci’s leadership and legacy stretch far beyond the past couple of years.”

Fauci delivers exactly what you would have expected, “My message — and my final message, maybe the final message I give you from this podium — is that please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated COVID-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family, and your community,” he urged.

The reporters there decided to gently throw softball questions Fauci’s way rather than challenging him on his work at the National Institutes of Health.

REPORTER: “What do you say about the word ‘mask’ now being a pejorative?”

FAUCI: “Sometimes when you walk in and you have a mask, and nobody has a mask, you kind of feel guilty. You shouldn’t feel guilty. You look terrific!”

But toward the end of Fauci’s final turn at the White House podium, mayhem erupted over Jean-Pierre’s refusal to let a reporter ask Fauci about the origins of COVID.

Karine Jean-Pierre snapped at a reporter: “I’m done! I’m done with you!”

Karine Jean-Pierre also made an attempt to block a reporter from asking Dr. Fauci if he would testify before Congress under the new Republican majority, but she was unsuccessful. Fauci interjected not wanting to be shooed out of the room by KJP, “I can answer his question… I have nothing to hide!” After the new Congress convenes in January, he declared he would fully participate in oversight hearings.



  1. Crotte

    November 23, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    To words to describe KJP totally useless!!!!!

  2. Jerry Gillespie

    November 23, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    Fauci will be protected at all costs… even if he is found dead by suicide or some weird accident. Too many in our government corrupted by the Globalists’ “One World Government” agenda.

    The sim to destroy the independent state economies, fund the creation of continuous religious, political, educational and racial hatred and cause a world wide humanitarian crisis. That is the only way for the Globalists to take over and form a one world economy with a one world government. Desperate people will grasp at anything when they have nothing left.

    The Covid Pandemic was the second attack funded by the Globalists. The First was “Open Border / Refugee Crisis in Europe and finally in the US. Flooding strong countries with weak, sick, uneducated and criminals weaken eventually overburdens social programs, traditions, and law enforcement. Eventually, individual freedom and protected rights such as Speech, owning Guns and demonstrations against the government must be stripped away for better Marxist control.

    I’m not one of the many paranoid conspiracy nuts bogged down with with a massive case of stupidity. I noticed and have followed this development for the last 20 years. “Dot aren’t difficult to connect when viewed over a long period of time. Unless the events are viewed as a whole, few would even believe that its possible

  3. graceythecat

    November 24, 2022 at 7:27 am

    commie democrat pedophiles doing what they do to America and selling us to china

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