Government Corruption

10% for the Big Guy: Uncovered Email Implicates Joe Biden in Chinese Deal

In 2020, the world was rocked by the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop hitting the news spotlight, with emails being uncovered involving Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and Joe Biden in multiple pay-for-play schemes around the world. As investigations ensued, one email was reported to show a “10% to the Big Guy”, believed to be a reference to Joe Biden himself.

The Bidens have been involved in multiple foreign investment deals with China over recent years, reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This week, The Daily Mail uncovered another email from 2017 on Hunter’s laptop which discussed a large 25-million-ton gas deal with China. The message also included Joe Biden’s name as part of the conversations around this trade agreement.

It is unknown how much money either Hunter or his father made from this venture with China. However, it raises questions about potential conflicts of interests that may have existed at the time. Since then, Biden has stepped into office after winning an incredibly contested battle in 2020, and many believe he has already gone against his campaign promises by canceling Trump’s energy policies that had made America energy independent.

Then came further reports this week that Biden had taken oil from US reserves not to help Americans at the pump, but instead to actually aid China. This accusation was sourced by The Washington Free Beacon from Power the Future founder Daniel Turner who warned: “We were assured Biden was releasing this oil to America so it could be refined for gasoline to drive down prices at the pump. So right off the bat, they’re just lying to the American people.”

He went on further saying, “What they’re saying they did and what they did are not remotely related.” It should be noted that Hunter Biden is connected with Chinese state-owned energy company Sinopec Marketing, who went on negotiations with Russian gas giant Gazprom one month after Biden sanctioned them in March 2021.

The public remains largely in dark about how much money exactly went into these deals between Hunter and Joe Biden – as well as their partner in China – but one thing seems clear: There exists a worrying relationship between big players in Beijing and senior members of the US administration that need further examination if we are serious about promoting transparency and stamping out corruption within our government.

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Government Corruption

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