Come On LeBron! NBA Finals Ratings Down by 45%, Lowest Since 1994 – #BOYCOTTNBA

For generations, professional sports would unite local communities, reach additional fans from around the USA, and aspire youth to dream, work hard, and maybe, just maybe, make it to the big leagues too.

The Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, the 1980 US Hockey Team, and The Dream Team, etc, connected tens of millions of us and were pro -American teams and leagues.

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Salaries were must lower for the athletes during the 1950s to 1990s but they played for the love of the game.

With the huge success of all the leagues, including spreading worldwide, the last 20 plus years have seen a new group of narcissistic “Social Justice Warriors” starting to transform their sports from non-political sporting events, connecting all people, over every race, to now activists for BLM.

The perfect example is the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Before the first game, coming out of the COVID-19 shutdown, the Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans game, NBA players, coaches, and refs took a knee during the National Anthem in Orlando.

Yes, even the refs, took a knee to divide the fans, by race.

Their message to those who pay for the tickets, concessions, and watch online attracting advertisers, that they have become political activists for a group that is anti-white, anti-national family unit, and believes most black Americans are victims, as a result of unconscious or unconscious bias from those with “white privilege”.

The problem is, most fans watch sports to mentally escape the stresses of the political divide taking place in the USA, and the last thing they want is to watch some rich athletes disrespect the American flag and then imply shame on them if they happen to have the wrong skin color.

Here are the results as many of the US starting boycotting all the professional sports leagues.

The NBA championship series kicked off, and as other seasons, you would expect their rating to skyrocket, especially with the league’s most popular player’s team competing.

So how did Game 1 of the NBA Finals do, impressive ratings?”

Nope, making millions of former fans, like me, enjoy the justice of their un-American SJW cause, replacing the love of the game.

Instead of posting the good, if not great numbers that the NBA should have drawn for a Game 1 Finals clash including with millions at home on lockdown and LeBron James on the floor, the NBA saw a catastrophic drop in both ratings and viewership.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

The opening game of the series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat brought 7.41 million viewers to ABC, the smallest audience for the finals since at least 1994, when total viewers began to be regularly recorded. The previous low was 8.06 million for Game 3 of the 2007 NBA Finals.

The game, which took place about four months later than the usual start date for the NBA Finals, was down by about 45 percent in total viewers vs. the U.S. audience for last year’s finals opener between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors. The two conference finals series that wrapped up last week were down a collective 35 percent year to year. The NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals series, also delayed by several months, was down by more than 60 percent for NBC Sports. Major League Baseball has also struggled during its shortened season.

Via Breitbart

Massive declines in viewership and ratings are nothing new for the NBA. Since the league restarted its season with a full embrace of social justice activism, the NBA has suffered huge drops in numbers. A counter-intuitive development for a league that restarted after fans had been starved for sports for five months and much of the country was at home due to coronavirus.

However, it seems much of the country found the NBA’s focus on politics to be a major turn off.

In early September, a Harris poll found that most fans were watching fewer games because the NBA had become “too political.”

I know they will not panic this year, in their abbreviated season, but as more people tire of the constant BLM and anti-white RHETORIC messaging in their leagues, they might wake up years from now, wondering what happened to their fan base.

You know, those from different races, with the disposable income willing to pay their ridiculously high ticket costs and for $10 hot dogs.

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