US Open Beer Chug Girl Returns

It was one of those classic late Friday nights at the U.S. Open and the crowds were entirely up for it. At Arthur Ashe Stadium a partisan group went bonkers over Frances Tiafoe dispatching Andrey Rublev in an epic five-set match. Meanwhile, over at the Louis Armstrong Court, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Roberto Bautista went the distance. There the true star of the proceedings announced herself by chugging not one, but two expensive beers with the eyes of Queens upon her.

During the 2021 US Open, a woman in attendance went viral for chugging not one, but two beers when she was shown on the big screen. Seemingly everyone fell in love with her exuberance and love of a good malty beverage. Well, I am pleased to inform you, she’s back.

Here’s video from last year, when she absolutely understood the assignment when she was shown on the big screen:

Later in the evening, she was shown again and immediately grabbed her boyfriend’s beer and went to town:

Important, heroic work. And I do mean that just a little bit. It can be inspiring to see a person make 12 ounces of suds disappear in record time. Everyone needs an occasional reminder that the indefatigable human spirit can endure even in difficult times. Just listen to the delight she was able to send through the New York City night with her athleticism. Selfless.

Well worth any resulting hangover this morning.

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